Never stop growing knowledge for any reason. Applying our Imagination & Creative on paper gives a different perspective. Playing with lines and colors makes our Vision wide.


GFN Art providing a Technical and Transparent learning method. Initially Will study the person’s level of Art knowledge depends on their level of Art knowledge will train him/ her to grow their creativity. GFN Art Following our own syllabus and teaching method. It helps him/her to learn the Proper/ Technical and Neat way of drawing & painting.

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Biography of Artist Puneeth Mohan

Today’s world has a mixed reaction when it comes to choosing creative passion as profession. Amidst that scenario, Mr.Punith Mohan, has established himself in the field of professional art and shares his journey of artistry. He had interest towards art from fifth grade but started giving serious importance to it from the age of 14. During his summer holidays he drew his first painting “Aanchinaya”. Everyone at home liked it and from then on his biggest support was his parents’ encouragement. Friends and teachers encouraged him as well and it was then he started decorating his home with his paintings.  The blissful joy that he saw from others when he showed his paintings to them inspired him to paint more. He tried for summer school in Chitrakala Parishath when he was in eighth grade but he couldn’t get in so he joined Ken School of Art and learnt art, he then tried again in 10th grade, and got into Chitrakala Parishath, leaving school. There started his artistic career professionally.

Since 12th was required for professional degree and he had just completed his 10th and joined, he could only enroll in short term course 6 months (professional course). In February 2011, an art exhibition was conducted, that was his first professional painting exhibit at the age of sixteen. He had support from his teachers in college. Thara Ma’am revealed his creative side to himself, and Insha Ma’am taught him neatness to his art, all the staffs there were a great support for him, and he soon turned out to be the favorite kid of Chitrakala Parishath. Mr. Babu, was the organizer of the short term course, and rendered his full support to Mr.Punith and his parents were even more encouraging though they dint understand the minute details of art. A separate room was given to him at his home exclusively for his painting. He lived up to the trust and belief that his parents had on him.

Mr. Punith has done 7 exhibitions so far. His first was in February, 2011 and the next with his friend/colleague Ms.Poornima, in July 2011 titled ‘First Step’. Seeing his talent, Mr.Devendiran sponsored him and conducted art exhibition at Renaissance Art Gallery in December, 2011. In the year of 2012, April, he did a group show titled ‘Pump with pure”, and in November 2012, he went on to do a ‘one man show’ with 51 paintings at Chitrakala Parishath.

After that, the next exhibition happened in 2017. He took a break from 2012-2017. When art is a hobby, it is encouraged a lot, but when that itself becomes one’s profession, then there arises criticism, starting from relatives to the society. In Mr. Punith’s life the same happened. He was told that he can’t excel in this field; there is nothing in this field, takes lot of time for establishing oneself in this field, and so on. Mr.Punith questioned whether to proceed in his art field professionally or not. It was then his parents took a stand for him and told him to continue with his artistic venture. It took a couple of years to make up his mind and set out on a clear path professionally thereon. After that, he was caught up with presenting paintings for his friends on their birthdays, and painting for the orders that came in for neural work and wall paintings. He then joined BFA professional degree course in Karnataka Open University, in 2016.

It was after that he started his new experimental paint work, “Mood Painting”. This is about the kind of painting that comes out when one is in happy mood, deep thinking mood and so on. This ‘Mood Paint’ was what he had exhibited on April 2nd 2017 titled ‘First step’; it also has another name ‘Appreciation of Beauty’. In this exhibition, 9 of his paintings were sold, at one stretch which was a great reward for him after the break.

His style in art includes ‘mix media’ and ‘break the rules’. If everything is proper one can buy a photograph, so, break the rule, abstract and semiabstract, bringing out the inner feeling, knife painting, creative painting, experimenting are his favorite flavors of art. Artists who inspire him include Mexian artist Frida and the one who introduced surrealism – Leonardo da Vinci. He likes their works but makes sure that he is not influenced by their styles. As for his future plans, he paints for the love of painting. He is not interested in commercialism; rather his heart is after creative professionalism. He doesn’t expect strict monetary benefits out of his paintings.

Mr. Punith, plum looking, charming in person likes to work alone. When with public, he entertains all, at times, he dives into pessimism that in Chitrakala Parishath, he was nicknamed ‘negative artist’. The title of his first sold painting is ‘final call’; he strongly believes that only when there is negativity, positivity comes out. When he paints he doesn’t like having people around him and doesn’t allow anyone inside his studio. He helps people, but when it comes to art, likes to have his personal creative techniques to himself. He is an “I am me” type of person, pretty straight forward. He has faced lots of problems because of his nature.  Art field has given him pains, but when he exhibits his paintings, the appreciations that he gets wipes away the pain and serves as his driving force taking him to the next level. He currently teaches story boarding for a renowned Director’s students and also serves as an art teacher in two high schools. Pursuing final year BFA, he goes on to conduct story boarding workshops in film institutes as well.