Kodaikanal, the charming hill station gloats of verdant hills, sylvan excellence, characteristic trails in the forested areas and the one of a kind Kurunji blooms that blooms once in 12 years. The credit of finding this current nature's wonder goes to the British. Appreciate the tranquil farmland of the town which is mainstream for its trekking defeats, otherworldly appeal, relieving lakes and scattered pilgrim landmarks.

The hill station is situated in Tamil Nadu and is all around associated with all the major and
little goals of the nation by means of rail and street. Kodaikanal is a wonderful occasion goal which still resonates the undiluted appeal of the past times. HISTORY OF KODAIKANAL HILL STATION:

Kodaikanal's history backpedals to the pre noteworthy circumstances. The Dolems home, from the Chera Dynasty, made of extraordinary stome pieces found in the city, talks about the city's pre noteworthy association. The primary tenants of Kodaikanal were Palaiyar, who were ancestral and prospered before the present time i.e. BCE. Sangam Literature, having a place with the early Christian time likewise incorporates a few insights about the city. The Pulyans managed here amid the fourteenth century. The dread of intrusion of Tipu Sultan constrained the general population of Palani Foot hills to leave the town and settle in the Kodi hills.

The primary British character to set foot on the place that is known for Kodiakanal was Lt.
B.S. Ward in the year 1821. For them, Kodaikanal turned into the place of refuge for the
singing summers of different parts of Tamil Nadu. A portion of the prestigious British
identities to have gone to this beautiful town were – C R Cotton Judge who was a sub
authority and Dr. Weight. Dr.Fane, who got two houses developed here. Koidakanal got its
first church in 1860 and advance a great deal numerous improvements were occurred in
occasion of the visits of the conspicuous pioneers like Governors of Madras Sir Charles
Travelyon and Lord Napier amid 1860 and 1871. The principal prepare benefit was begun in
1875 when the course from Chennai to Madurai and Tuticorin was expanded.


Bear Shola Falls:
Bear Shola Falls, at a separation of 1.6 kms from Kodaikanal, is a perfect excursion spot.
Prior, numerous ears used to drink water from this fall, henceforth the name Bear Shola Falls. Best went to amid the stormy season, these falls can be strangely come to by attempted a little stroll through rough and testing territories.

Fallen angel's Kitchen:
Fallen angel's Kitchen, lying between the Green Valley View and Pillar rocks, is a profound entry point that seems like a little drain, yet is really a hazardously profound fall. Travelers are encouraged to be wary while locating this spot. An awesome place for enterprise devotee, these dull and profound chambers are the home of the bats and because of its mysterious appearance, travelers are reluctant to go close it.

Green Valley View:
Green Valley View, otherwise called the Suicide Point, is a grand spot in Kodaikanal, known
for the hazy timberlands and all encompassing strolls embraced by the visitors to achieve the spot. This point was before known as the suicide direct, owing toward the vast number of suicides conferred; the place was renamed as Green Valley View. Proffering elevated
perspective of the Vaigai Dam and close-by valleys is paragon. Voyagers are prompted not to go past the fence as it can be unsafe. Be careful with your eatables as there are a lot of
monkeys. A variety of shops offering hand influenced chocolates, to garbage adornments and evergreen blossoms can be found while in transit to the point.

Column Rocks:
Columns Rocks in Kodaikanal are situated around 8 kms from the lake and fill in as a perfect family cookout spot. Containing all around manicured smaller than normal garden, the name of the attractions infer three vertically situated stones coming to up to a tallness of 400 feet. An imperative fascination is the Devil's kitchen, which is the space between the two rocks. The extra charge is Rs 2 for every head and the Potato and onion Bhaji served outside the garden is exceedingly prescribed.

Berijam Lake:
Koadikanal, an essential hill station in Tamil Nadu offers different cookout spots including
the all encompassing Berijam Lake. Found 21 kms from the city transport stand, the lake is
perfect for the individuals who are looking for a place for the sake of entertainment filled

family cookout. The lake is a noteworthy wellspring of water for the general population of
Periakalam town and proffers incredible normal vibe. The lake sprawls on a region of 24
hectares and welcomes travelers from everywhere throughout the nation.

Bryant Park:
Bryant Park, a prevalent professional flowerbed in Kodaikanal, is famous for its fauna,
pontoons and cross breeds. The best time to visit is amid the yearly agriculture demonstrate that is held here amid the long stretch of May. The glass house is a critical fascination also. Named after the backwoods officer of Madurai, Mr.H.D.Bryant, it is beautifully arranged on the eastern side of the lake.

Coakers Walk:
Coaker's walk, is one of the prime fascination of Kodaikanal. It is a pathway that has been cut out of soak mountains, and strolling here enables one to appreciate a portion of the best perspectives of the city. This walk is exceedingly prescribed for every one of the sightseers who need to appreciate the perspective of Kodaikanal from the 10,000 foot see. Plan a night walk and see the whole city lit up with lights is without a doubt an extraordinary ordeal. Try not to miss going to the Brochen Spectra, a point where the sun is at the back and the shadow of a man falls on the cloud, giving it a corona sort of impact.

Dolphin's Nose:
Dolphin's Nose in Kodaikanal is a characteristic wonder that features a level shake
anticipated over an enormous tallness of 6600 feet. Found very nearly 8 kms from the
fundamental downtown area, this point offers amazing perspectives of the encompassing. The fact of the matter is a prominent area among timberland voyagers and trekkers alike. The 3 kms in length trek attempted to achieve the point proffers a portion of the best perspectives of the woods and mists. There are little diners around offering tea, espresso and tidbits.

Kodai Lake:
Kodai Lake, the core of Kodaikanal, is a star formed man made lake that is sprawling on a
region of 60 sections of land. Sailing, horse riding, cycling and calculating are a couple of the experience exercises voyagers can enjoy close to the lake. Made in the year 1863, the lake was the possibility of Sir Vere Hentry Levinge. Sailing can be delighted in here at the rate of Rs 20 to Rs 40 for a pedal pontoon and Rs 125 for a shikara. Viewing the nightfall from here is an extraordinary ordeal. This dark blue lake is a mainstream fascination in Kodaikanal and

the best time to visit is amid the period of May, when the yearly Summer Festival is held here with awesome grandeur and show.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory:
Set up in the year 1899, the Kodaikanal Observatory is a piece of the Indian Institute of
Astrophysics and was before known as Solar Physics Observatory. The fundamental draws of the observatory are, 20 cm refractor – utilized for cometary and occultation perceptions,
Astronomy Museum – showing different pictorial alongside a live sun oriented picture and
Fraunhofer range and a library – known for its tremendous accumulations on astronomic
writing, Solar and Solar Terrestrial Physics.

Kurinji Temple:
Kurunji Temple, devoted to Lord Murugu, is strategically placed ata distcane fo 3 kms from
the lake. Offering delightful perspectives of little towns, Palani Hills and Northern fields, and
the best among them is that of the carrots manor on the terraced inclines. The sanctuary is
likewise connected with the Kurunji Flower which blossoms once in 12 years covering the
entire region with purple blooms. Next, it will sprout in the year 2018. The sanctuary
complex additionally incorporates a recreation center and a little bush garden region.

Noiseless Valley View:
Noiseless Valley View, found near the Pillar shake plant in Kodaikanal. The fact of the
matter is noted of offering probably the most dazzling perspectives of the Silent Valley.
Travelers are prompted the undulating way precisely. The best time to visit the valley point
early mornings or late evenings, as amid this time the picturesque excellence of the place is at its most extreme.

Silver Cascade Falls:
Only 8 kms from Kodaikanal town, is the picturesque Silver Cascade Falls, known for its
ethereal stream of shiny waters. The sightseers will be pleased to see the unadulterated
crystalline dilute spilling out of a 180 ft tall bluff. One can achieve the waterfall on the way
to Kodaikanal and there is a recreation center found near it. Visit the Silver Cascade Falls
amid the rainstorm when the water surges the waterfall giving it a humongous stream.


Kodaikanal is a heaven for trekking darlings as it offers distinctive trekking courses for the
expert trekker to the tenderfoot trekker too. Trekking courses with shifting trouble levels are there and a visitor can choose the course as per the wellness, time factor and one's trekking capacity. One of the hardest courses is from Periyakulam – Adukkam-Kodaikanal which has a trekking separation of around 18 kms which can be secured inside 7 hours. For the trekkers who lean toward simple walk, the course from Kodaikanal to Berijam will be the appropriate one and the trekker will have the capacity to appreciate the green valleys and the mountain ranges encompassing Kodaikanal.

Telescope House:
Telescope house in Kodaikanal has been developed to give wondrous perspectives to the
vacationers, which generally would not have been conceivable. Situated on the northern tilt
of the Coaker's walk, the point offers perspectives of the Sothupparai Dam, Vaigai Dam, Periyakulam and Varaha waterway notwithstanding the different towns and valleys.

Thalaiyar Falls:
Thalaiyar falls, otherwise called Rat Tail's fall is situated in the Palani Hills and is known for being the most noteworthy waterfall in Tamil Nadu and the third most elevated in India and 276th most astounding on the planet. Which time is best to visit kodaikanal hills?

Kodaikanal enjoys subtropical climate and the best time to visit is from September to May.
Winters (November to January) are very cool with maximum temperature is about 30°C and minimum touches about 8°C. During January, ice formations are seen in night and

temperature can drop down to freezing level. This period is good for exploring Kodaikanal
tourism places and outdoor trips. Summers (March to May)has the average temperature ranges between 20°C to 34°C . During summer, adventure activities trekking is enjoyable in Kodaikanal. Monsoons (June to September) has average rainfalls in Kodaikanal. Monsoon season is ideal for rain lovers to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. The peak season for enjoying sightseeing and other tourist activities are the times between April to June and from September to October. June to August is good time for enjoying the greenery and the scenic beauty of the place. Winter months can be a quite cold but can have
enjoyable sighting and ideal for honeymoon trip to Kodaikanal.