Gujrat a state full of rich heritage and culture, considered as one of the developed states in India.


Gujarat contributes a lot to the tourism of India. Famous for forts , palaces , national park. This is one of the beautiful states in india as it has the best tourists attractions.

Rann of kutch 

Rann of kutch is the largest salt desert in the world. This is must see destination in india as it offers land towards horizon, villages and hills. This place is worth visiting.


Gir wildlife sanctuary

Gir wildlife sanctuary is the best place to enjoy wildlife. This is home to asiatic lion. This is one of the largest province for lions. You get to see hyenas , leopards and other bird and animal species as well apart from asiatic lion.


Pilgrimage site for Hindus. Considered as one of ancient city. Was home to Lord Krishna. Dwarkadhish temple is must visit place. Rukmini devi temple , bet dwarka temple adds beauty to this place. Gomti ghat is one of the famous lighthouses


Modhera & patan

These cities are famous for solanki architecture. Anhilwara Patan is a great example of solanki architecture. Famous for patola sarees also. Sun temple in modhera a famous as it compares to konark temple of odisha. Rani ki kav from patan is one of the UNESCO world heritage site.


Somnath temple

This is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of lord shiva. This stone edifice attracts lots of devotees to take blessings from lord shiva. This is one of the main reasons to visit gujarat.


CULTURE  A culturally and traditionally diverse state. Gujrat is a part of indus valley civilization. Considered as one of the religious states. This state has deep roots of the culture in folk dance and traditional music. Folk dance include garba , raas dandiya , tippani padhar etc. Raas dandiya has its origin from gujarat. This one is performed in mostly Navaratri. Garba is a graceful dance form performed in circular formation. The state even has a great literature background. Some famous laureates are Premanand Bhatt , Mahatma gandhi , mirabai etc. Gujarati handicrafts and textile plays very important role in the culture of the state. The richness of architecture reflects in the life of the people.


CUISINE  Gujarati food refers to mainly gujarati thali. Though the state has wide coastline , people are mainly vegetarian. North gujarat , kathiawar ,kutch and surat contribute a lot to gujarati cuisine. Here are some of the famous gujarati dishes you must try.



This is a typical makar sankranti dish. Vegetables, raw banana, eggplant and muthiya are slowly cooked in earthen pots underground. Served with puri and jalebi.





Typical evening snack dish. Mixture of gram flour and yoghurt slow cooked and make rolls out of it. Generally served with coconut and coriander. This dish  is widely famous.




This is the snack item made of gram flour and served with fried chilies. It’s a soft-fluffy and sweet-sour to taste. Many states have started serving this dish in snacks.





Street food of gujarat. Long strips of gram flour and spice mixture generally served with kadhi or raw papaya chutney



Rice flour and spices cooked in boiling water. Taste best when served with tinge of oil and red chilli powder. This is one of the healthiest and easy to make dish.